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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Zombie Attack II: No More Room in Hell is a 2009 action horror-comedy brickfilm by Stijn Heirstrate and Scott Jenner. It follows two protagonists on opposite sides of a town as they fight off a zombie outbreak, and is simultaneously a sequel to Jenner's 2008 film Zombie Attack: A B-Movie in Bricks! and Heirstrate's 2009 film Zombie Attack.[1] It was an entry into the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2009, in which it placed sixth.[2]


The Hero is killed and mostly eaten by a zombie. A spirit enters his decapitated head and brings him back to life, regrowing his missing body parts, except for his right arm which was not eaten and still lies on the ground nearby, leaving The Hero with only one arm attached. On the other side of town, a man on a motorbike investigates a body on the ground, but when it attacks him, he sets it on fire.

The Hero breaks into an abandoned weapon store and arms himself with a shotgun as well as an arm-mounted chainsaw that he replaces his missing right arm with. On the other side of town, the biker is approached by zombies, when a builder arrives and hits them with a truck. The two men use tools and the truck to take care of more zombies.

The Hero finds a large crowd of zombies surrounding a house. He begins shooting them until they manage to take away his shotgun, at which point he enters the crowd to put his chainsaw to use. He wishes to find a quicker way to deal with the zombies so hops through a window of the house. Once inside, an old man thinks he is a zombie and points a gun at him before he explains that he isn't a zombie and has come to kill zombies from the rooftop, using the man's guns.

Once on the roof, The Hero begins shooting zombies with a rocket launcher and an Auto 9 pistol. A sentient zombie brain scurries into the house and attaches itself to the face of the old man, so The Hero is forced to shoot him. He then throws TNT at the remaining living zombies, and heads downstairs to leave the house. The zombie who had killed him before approaches, so The Hero attaches TNT to his chainsaw arm and fires the chainsaw into the zombie, blowing him up.[1]



Heirstrate and Jenner had both previously made unrelated films titled Zombie Attack and, unbeknownst to each other, had both decided to make a Zombie Attack sequel for BRAWL 2009. Early into BRAWL, they got into conversation and realised they were both working on films with the same title.[3] Jenner was angry initially, but eventually suggested they make a co-production, combining their two separate Zombie Attack sequels into one. Heirstate agreed to this idea and the two co-produced Zombie Attack II: No More Room in Hell in 5 days.[4]

On the 1-year anniversary of the film's release, Heirstrate released a slightly longer new cut in a higher resolution, with adjustments to the editing and to the soundtrack, adding new songs.[5]


In 2010, a sequel was planned, titled Zombie Attack 3: Thou Shalt Kick Ass!. This was to be a co-production between Heirstrate, Jenner and Vik Verplanken.[6] This sequel was never completed.