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Zombie: Genesis is a 2010 mockumentary brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan.[1] It chronicles the events surrounding director Barry Hollows creating "the best zombie movie ever made".[2] It was created for the Avant-Garde Contest on Bricks in Motion and won first place. A sequel, Zombie: Exodus, was released in 2012.


A documentary follows the making of a zombie movie, Zombie: Genesis. Director Barry Hollows explains that when the studio got him aboard and gave him the script, he decided to remove a lot of the talking and emphasize the zombies. Producer Jim Sterling reveals that after considering all options, they decided that using real zombies would work best for the film.

A professional zombie handler, Rob Leonard, describes how zombies are difficult to work with and that one of the cameramen was eaten by a zombie during filming. When the original lead actor, action star Butler Harris, was killed after failing to outrun a zombie, he was removed from the film entirely and replaced with a Swedish bodybuilder, Kristoff Halsten, who could actually fight off zombies.

Hollows recounts his arguments over wanting to build a real ruined city, which wasn't within the budget. He was briefly replaced with romance director Alex Rivers, who planned to make the zombies peaceful and add a love triangle. After hearing this idea, the studio promptly rehired Hollows instead. Hollows decided to set the movie in the middle of nowhere instead of the abandoned city, to avoid using CGI. Hollows explains that Zombie: Genesis turned out to be the best zombie movie ever made, and questions how he may ever top it.[2]


  • Jonathan Vaughan as Barry Hollows
  • Derek Cassel as Jim Sterling
  • Rob Kleffner as Rob Leonard
  • Jim Doolittle as Kristoff Halsten
  • Robert Allen as Studio Executive
  • Dustin Montierth as Alex Rivers