Zombie: Exodus
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Directed by
Released August 19, 2012
  • Jonathan Vaughan
  • Derek Cassel
  • Caitlin Cypher
  • Robert Kleffner
  • Amy Vaughan
Running time
Language English

Zombie: Exodus is a 2012 mockumentary brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan.[1] It documents the events surrounding director Barry Hollows attempting to create the sequel to his extremely successful zombie movie.[2] It is the sequel to Zombie: Genesis from 2010.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Jonathan Vaughan as Barry Hollows
  • Derek Cassel as Jim Sterling
  • Caitlin Cypher as Victoria Esmeralda
  • Robert Kleffner as Rob Leonard
  • Amy Vaughan as Alice Whiting
  • Robert Allen as Studio executive
  • Yaro Goretoy as the protester
  • Philip Heinrich as himself
  • Dustin Montierth as Alex Rivers
  • David Vaughan as Random producer

Crew Edit

References Edit

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