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Zero Gravity Rebellion is a 2003 drama brickfilm by James Maduzia about a boy who finds a hoverboard.[1] It was an entry to the Words of Wisdom Contest on, winning first place overall. It also scored first in the Best Presentation category, though the prize for this category went to runner-up Great Inventors Part 2 by Stefan van Zwam due to Zero Gravity Rebellion already receiving the prize for Best Overall.[2]


A boy is walking along the street when he is hit in the head with a flung hoverboard. The boy excitedly gets on and rides the hoverboard, but then stops. He remembers his mom told him to avoid hoverboards because of the danger. He considers obeying her, but then brushes it off, and continues to ride the hoverboard. As he continues, he stunts get more and more dangerous, resulting in near-misses with cars and even knocking someone over. His joyride is cut short when he swerves to avoid a car and collides with a traffic light. The film ends with the quote: "Honor thy mother and father; that thou mayest live long on the earth." After the credits, another boy is hit in the head by the same hoverboard.[1]