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Zach Fernandez, typically known as "Chicken Studios", is a British brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for the 28-minute film LEGO SPACE!, which was created across 3 years and originally released in 3 parts over time.


Year Title Notes
2015 Legolas Vs Cyclops
2015 Aragorn Vs Minotaur
2015 Lone Clone Ep1: The Beast Below
2015 Lone Clone Ep2: This Means war!
2015 Lone Clone Ep3: Who Are You?
2016 Dunder and Blixem
2016 A Day In Minecraft
2016 LEGO Police Brutality
2016 Planet X: A Star Wars Story
2016? LEGO Star Wars: The Dark Side And The Light
2017 Project Omega
2017 LEGO Police
2017 Planet X Chapter Two
2018 Fukushuu
2020 LEGO SPACE! Chapter #1: See No Evil
2020 LEGO SPACE! Chapter #2: Hear No Evil
2021 LEGO SPACE! Chapter #3: Say No Evil