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Xarkun 8 is a 2001 Star Wars brickfilm by Joel Batterman. It follows Luke Skywalker being sent on a mission to infiltrate a factory being constructed by the Empire.[1] It placed first in a Cool Brick Movies Star Wars contest in 2001.[2] It was the director's first full brickfilm,[3] and a continuation is mentioned but was never released.


Luke Skywalker returns to a rebel base and heads to the briefing room where a meeting is taking place. The crew is briefed on the construction by the Empire of a new droid factory on the eighth planet of the Xarkun system, which must be stopped. The plan is for one pilot to infiltrate the facility and stay there until a rebel strike team arrives. Luke Skywalker is sent on this mission, and a video is shown detailing the layout of the facility and the plan.

Luke leaves for Xarkun 8. He spots the factory from afar and walks to it, sneaking past an AT-ST and through a door as it closes. Inside, he is spotted by guards, and a firefight ensues. Luke takes an elevator, but is ambushed when it opens. He takes out his lightsaber and fights off the guards. He runs through the facility, and lands a jump for a platform that is being retracted.[1]


  • Joel Batterman - Director, Additional voices
  • T.K. Zellers - Additional LEGO