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Worst Case Scenario III is a 2006 action brickfilm by Bob Page.[1] It is the final film in the Worst Case Scenario trilogy, following Worst Case Scenario 2 from 2003. It is about the evil Big B. being resurrected via cloning, and Big B.'s sister, Lacy, joining Bob Page and the others in the battle against Big B.[2]



  • Bob Page as Bob Page, Cloning scientist #1, Jail guard #1, Bodyguard, Mafioso #1, Megabloks, Old Megabloks, Megabloks leader, Otto
  • Franky Pageos as Master, Boss Backlava, Jack Taylor, Jail guard #2, Cloning scientist #2, Big B., Ping Pong, Mafioso #2
  • Patryk Wawer as Dimitry Backlava
  • Annie Page as Lacy
  • Fred Gagné as Young master
  • AT&T Natural Voices as The intro voice


  • Bob Page - Director, Script writer, Music supervisor, Set decorator, Sound mixer and editor, On-set dresser, 2D special effects, Chief lighting, Location manager
  • Michel Pageau - Producer, Thanks
  • Franky Pageos - Script assistant, 3D modeling, Main titles
  • Claire Masson, Vicky, The LEGO Group, Mega Brands - Thanks


Worst Case Scenario III was in production since 2004. On September 11, 2006, Bob Page announced that the film had been completed. His internet was not good enough to upload a 36-minute film, so he shared one scene from the film as a teaser. On September 13, he announced that he would give free DVD copies of the film to the first 4 people who replied, as long as they were in Canada or the USA. The DVDs were claimed by Cody "Pierre Films" Brooks, Jonathan Schlaepfer, Tim Hui, and "1ceaham".[3] Page compressed the film further and got it uploaded to on October 13.[4] A big fan of the film, Johnny Moa, sought permission to upload it to YouTube, and uploaded it to his channel on January 3, 2007.[5]

Over time, the film became difficult to access. Moa's upload was made unlisted and the original upload could not readily be played in full. This was due to the unusual structure of its mov file, which split the video into two sequential streams, running at slightly different framerates, resulting in a file which could not be parsed correctly by anything except the deprecated Quicktime. The Brickfilm Archive copy of the film was constructed by separating out the streams of the file, adding the missing framerate data (originally stored in the mov header) and reassembling the parts into a working mp4 file. Moa's YouTube upload was subsequently located, but the Brickfilm Archive copy is in slightly better quality. Moa's upload was eventually made public again in 2018, but his YouTube account was terminated shortly afterwards, possibly due to a copyright strike following the relisting of the film.


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