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Worst Case Scenario 2 is a 2003 action brickfilm directed by Bob Page and produced in association with "Spike Co. Films".[1] It follows Bob Page's mission to get Boss out of prison, after Boss' arrest at the end of the first Worst Case Scenario.[2] It was followed by Worst Case Scenario III in 2006.


Bob Page wakes up from a nightmare, unable to sleep well with the thoughts of Boss in prison. He recruits Otto to help him break Boss out of jail, as Boss did for him. Bob thinks Boss' father and mafioso Dimitry will know where Boss is, and when questioned, Dimitry tells them that Boss changes prison every two days, and that a man named Jack will help them break him out of prison.

The next day, Bob and Otto arrive at Jack's house, and Jack tells them his plan. On Friday, Big B. views Boss through a security camera, and is told by his master that Boss' associates will come. Bob, Otto and Jack enter the prison and begin to kill the guards, so Big B. has a henchman call the police. Police surround the jail and begin shooting, managing to kill Otto. Bob goes to get Boss while Jack stays behind to fight, so Big B. sends his guards after Jack and goes to fight Bob himself. As Jack fights off the guards, Big B. locates Bob, and the two of them duel until Bob manages to stab Big B. in the back.

Bob and Jack get to Boss' cell, and Dimitry also arrives. They cut the cell door open and free Boss, but the doors to the exits close, trapping them all inside. The master laughs from his control room.[2]


  • Marco "Sollthar" von Moos as Nightmare clones
  • Bob Page as Bob Page, Otto
  • Patryk Wawer as Dimitry
  • Franky Pageos as Jack, Big B., Boss


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