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Worst Case Scenario is a 2003 crime brickfilm by Bob Page.[1] It is about the jailbreak of an ex-mafioso who seeks revenge on his old don.[2] It is the first film in the Worst Case Scenario trilogy, and was followed by Worst Case Scenario 2 later in the same year.[3]


Two members of the mafia, Boss and Otto, take a plan to the don, Big B. Their plan involves jailbreaking Bob Page, the best man for the job and an ex-mafia member, but Big B. does not want to pay to break out a man he put in prison. Boss gets angry as Big B. has the pair escorted out.[4][2]

Boss and Otto go to the prison and shoot the guards before getting Bob Page out of his cell. Bob wishes for revenge so they drive towards Big B's location, and Big B. is informed that Bob has escaped, relpying that he will have a surprise for them. Bob kills Big B.'s guards and the trio make their way to the main room. Big B. asks Boss if he thought of the worst scenario of bringing Bob Page with him, when the police emerge, having come to a deal with Big B. for an opportunity to arrest Boss.


  • Bob Page - Director, Producer, Editor
  • Franky Pageos - Special thanks
  • Anne Marie Page - Special thanks


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