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The Words of Wisdom Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Joshua Leasure in 2003. The aim of the contest was to make a brickfilm depicting a well known piece of advice. It was the third official contest and was the first to be organised by Leasure, who purchased the website from Jason Rowoldt in 2003.[1] It was preceded by the Historical Fiction Contest and followed by the A Peculiar Event Contest.


After purchasing from Jason Rowoldt in June 2003, Joshua Leasure joined with a team of community members working on an overhaul of the website and launched the new-look Brickfilms on August 4th.[2] Ten days later on August 14th, he announced the first official contest on the new site, the Words of Wisdom Contest.[3] This contest was about creating a brickfilm depicting a famous wise proverb or quote in no longer than two minutes, with a suggested length of around one minute. Leasure mentioned that the theme was partially inspired by the films of Ben Brenninkmeyer, particularly Ninja Thief,[4] and that the short time limit was inspired by the relative success of the Informal Chicken Dance Contest,[5] which received 14 entries versus the 10 and 12 entries received by the Classical Movie Contest and Historical Fiction Contest, respectively.

The contest's original deadline was September 15th 2003, but a server crash on the morning of that day led to a number of submissions not being successfully received. To allow these entrants time to resubmit, the deadline was pushed back one day to September 16th. The Words of Wisdom Contest received 33 entries; a remarkable increase over the previous contests held by the site.[6]


The Words of Wisdom contest did not utilise a panel of judges but rather asked each entrant to submit a ballot ranking their top ten favourite films in the categories Best Theme and Best Presentation, with Best Theme counting more towards the final, overall score of each film. Any non-participating member who was a Patron 24fps or higher in the Patron system was also allowed submit a ballot. As the only film that entrants were not allowed vote for was their own, a rule was introduced that would deduct 10 points from any entrant who did not submit a ballot to prevent them from trying to give their own film a boost by withholding their vote. This left the user in last place, "WeirdEars", with a final score of -10 points. Ballots were received from 29 entrants and 7 additional patrons, leading to a total of 36 judges.

The Words of Wisdom Contest offered four prizes: LEGO set 9293 Community Workers for the winner of Best Overall, 1380 Werewolf Ambush for Runner-up Overall, 3405 Blue Team Bus for Best Theme, and 3403 Grandstand with Scoreboard for Best Presentation. Each winner would also have their Patronage rank increased by one level.



It was predicted that certain films may win multiple categories and was decided that in the event of this happening, the multi-winning film would only receive the award for one category and the award for the lesser-category would be awarded to the next film in line. When Zero Gravity Rebellion by James Maduzia received the most points for both Best Overall and Best Presentation, it was decided that Great Inventors Part 2 by Stefan van Zwam would be announced as the winner of Best Presentation. Additionally, when Words of Wisdom by Chris Salt won Best Theme while also being the runner-up overall, it was decided that Dare to be Different by Nick Maniatis would be announced as the winner of Runner-up Overall.

Listed here are the top three films in each category in order of points, with the entries rewarded the prizes highlighted.[7]

Best Overall
  1. Zero Gravity Rebellion James Maduzia
  2. Words of Wisdom Chris Salt
  3. Dare to be Different Nick Maniatis
Best Theme Best Presentation
  1. Words of WisdomChris Salt
  2. Dare to be Different Nick Maniatis
  3. Zero Gravity Rebellion James Maduzia
  1. Zero Gravity Rebellion James Maduzia
  2. Great Inventors Part 2 Stefan van Zwam
  3. Words of Wisdom Chris Salt

Full Results[]

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Place Film Name Director
1. Zero Gravity Rebellion[8] James Maduzia
2. Words of Wisdom[9] Chris Salt
3. Dare to be Different[10] Nick Maniatis
4. Great Inventors Part 2[11] Stefan van Zwam
5. The Box[12] James Jannicelli
6. As the Saying Goes[13] "Stanley & Susanne"
7. Wisdom from a Vending Machine[14] Nate Burr
8. The Acrobat's Journey[15] Kristian Sandberg
9. Please Help![16] Skye "legotronn" Sonomura
10. The Rich Man[17] Tim "WhiteDragon" DeWitt
11. die Letzten[18] Christoph Brock
12. The Playground Bully[19] Tom Dean
13. The Horse[20] Leftfield Studios
14. Deception[21] Doug James
15. Monky Business[22] Loïc Desjardins
16. The Angel & the Monk[23] Ben Brenninkmeyer
17. Kill 2 Birds With 1 Stone[24] Andreas Feix
18. The Cinema[25] Arnout "CrystalBrick" van der Maas
19. Silence is Golden[26] Logan Wright
20. Sanity[27] Zach "Z" Stanley
21. Never Give Up[28] Matthew Lieberman and Cody Lieberman
22. Untitled[29] Alex W.
23. The Fish[30] Mark Wanninger
24. Untitled[31] "Antiggo"
25. Brickventure Jones in The Golden Mirror[32] Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones
26. Confucius[33] Tim Hui
27. Flight Eric "Erlic" Duvall
28. The Decision[34] Becka "jessicabrooks" Hui
29. Police Pursuit[35] Daniel "Stew the Steward" Buhlman
30. Untitled[36] Mike "Aerandir" Thorn
31. Love Thy Neighbor, but Don't Tear Down the Fence[37] Daniel "Idiotless" Ernst
32. The Middle East in a Nutshell[38] Marshal "gigglehertz" G.
33. Livin' in a Shack[39] "WeirdEars"


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