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Winston Churchill: Escape from Pretoria is a 2006 historical drama brickfilm by Sam Lawlace.[1] It follows a young Winston Churchill making an escape from prison in South Africa during the Second Boer War. It was originally created as a senior homeschool project, and was filmed in roughly nine months.

The film was entered into the 2006 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF). It was the grand prize winner in the special category Stop Motion Animation.[2] The other semi-finalists in this category, Wars of Humanity II: Price of Rebellion by ShatterPoint Entertainment and The Neighbor by Judah Frank, were both also brickfilms.

As a result of winning the category, it is believed that the film became the property of Vision Forum, and so it has never been released online or on DVD by Lawlace. It appears that the only way to view the film was to acquire "The Best of the 2006 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival" 5-DVD set.



Winston Churchill shoots from a train

"A young Winston Churchill risks his immunity as a correspondent in the Anglo-Boer war by taking an active part in extricating a British unit from a Boer ambush. In the process, Churchill, captured and imprisoned, faces indefinite confinement — if not death — in Pretoria, South Africa. The attempt of a group of officers to escape together fails and Churchill faces traversing three hundred miles of enemy territory alone. Churchill learns to trust in God’s providence and provision, lessons which will shape the rest of his life. This is a recounting of the pivotal event which propelled Churchill into public life and the politics of England."
- SAICFF website



Winston Churchill, on his escape, walks through the city of Pretoria

  • Art Lieberman as Winston Churchill
  • Michael Thorn
  • David Companik
  • Larry Lawlace
  • Andy Lawlace


  • Sam Lawlace - Writer, Producer, Director
  • Joe Inglis - Drums

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