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William Brant is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for Epic Lego Castle Battle (2015), which took four years to be released, and for Lego Star Wars the Battle of Utapau (2010).[2]


Year Title Notes
2009 Star Wars Lego: The Defense
2009 Kitty vs Clone Trooper
2009 Star Wars Lego 212th Legion: The Attack
2009 101 ways for a droid to fail at life #1 No Voting Rights
2009 My Custom Lego Weapons and Creations The Funny Way
2010 Lego Star Wars Brother My Brother
2010 Commander Cody Epic Fail
2010 What legos do when your not around
2010 Lego Boomdeyada spugesdu's Second Stop-Motion Festival entry
2010 red five
2010 Lego Star Wars the Battle of Utapau
2010 The Cave
2012 A Short Summary of the Outsiders
2015 Epic Lego Castle Battle Remastered version released 2022