Where Does All the LEGO Go?
The wizard tells the LEGO figures to escape
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Directed by
Eli Cull & Joseph Cull
Released Q1 2001
  • Joseph Cull
  • Eli Cull
Running time
Language English
Created for

Where Does All the LEGO Go? is a 2001 brickfilm by Eli Cull and Joseph Cull. It follows a LEGO wizard who rallies other LEGO people to build a helicopter and escape while their humans owners are out of the room.[1] It was created for the LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest, in which it was the grand prize winner of the 8-10 age category.[2] It was available to view on the LEGO Studios website.

Plot Edit

Crew Edit

  • Eli Cull - Director
  • Joseph Cull - Director, Voice of Wizard
  • Andrew Cull - Cameraman[3]

References Edit

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