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Wenatchee 42 is a 2005 surreal comedy brickfilm by Hunter Wood and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux. It is about a news broadcast that receives an interruption.[1] It was inspired by Schaulin-Rioux and Ryan Barker's experience serving food to the elderly, who always asked what the daily special was.[2]


On the television channel Wenatchee 42, the broadcast is interrupted by Wenatchee News and the newscaster announces that they have a special news bulletin. He himself is then interrupted by an elderly man who wheels in to repeatedly inquire about the special. The newscaster tries to explain that it is a special news bulletin, as the man mumbles about turnipped onions. The two then start blinking at each other, and their blinking begins to produce music, leading to a musical duel (referencing a famous scene from Deliverance).[1]