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Weed Cops
The title card of Weed Cops
The title card of Weed Cops
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Weed Cops is a 2009 buddy cop parody brickfilm by "Night Owl".[1][2] It follows two cops who must find the police station's missing weed supply. It was created for the sixth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, and won second place.[3]

Plot[edit | edit source]

It is Walter Jones' first day in a new police department. He meets with his new partner, Bobby Weinman, and the pair go to get the briefing for their first assignment together. The police captain informs them that the department's weed supply has been stolen by cult leader Billy Craven who believes it to be satanic. He asks them to find it before it is destroyed and specifies to keep it quiet from the public, who he fears will want it for themselves.

The two drive to the cult building as Weinman warns Jones about working in the city and outlines the plan for when they arrive. At the cult meeting, Billy Craven is performing a ritual to cast out demons from the stolen weed. The cops arrive outside, kick down the door and hold the cult members at gunpoint.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • KrickFilms as Walter Jones, Cult member
  • Day Clancy as Receptionist, Billy Craven
  • Fanny Steckel as Woman in room
  • Colin Boyle as Robert Weinman
  • "Night Owl" as Police Captain, Cult member
  • Evan Linsey as Cult member

References[edit | edit source]

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