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Warshaw is a 2015 crime brickfilm by Seán Willis and Brian Willis. It follows a group of gangsters who hunt a valuable target, but not everything is as it seems.[1] It won second place in the twelfth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.[2]


A group of four gangsters drive at speed as the boss speaks about the man they are hunting for a bounty. He mentions that their target quietly escaped a life of crime and started a business under a new name but says that his location was discovered by Knox, gesturing to one of the men in the car. The boss spots a sign for "Al's Diner" and they head for this location.

Upon arrival, the men enter the diner and approach the man behind the counter. One of the gangsters asks where this man's boss is and they are directed to the back room. Two enter, leaving the boss and Knox outside, but the man behind the counter slams and bars the door. The boss begins to question this when he is knocked out by Knox, who congratulates "Al" behind the counter on a job well done.

Outside the diner, Knox puts the boss in the trunk of the car. The boss asks how much Al is paying him, but Knox tells him that Al is nothing more than a friend and that he is kidnapping the boss to claim a large bounty on him, referring to his hidden identity of "Mr. Warshaw". The boss is alarmed that Knox knows this name and Knox gags him before slamming the trunk.[1]


  • Seán Willis as Mr. Warshaw, Man at bar
  • Brian Willis as Knox
  • "Zachary Volt" as Goon
  • Shannon Birch as Al