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Wakacyjny Konkurs WMBF ("Holiday Contest WMBF") was an annual brickfilming competition held officially by the Polish-language brickfilming website WMBF until 2015. The start and end dates were the same each year during the summer months, beginning on the 1st of July with a deadline of the 1st of September. A different theme was used each year and mod elements were required to be in each shot of the entries.

Konkurs Wakacyjny[]

The first edition of Wakacyjny Konkurs WMBF was held on the previous version of the website. Very few details about it are currently known to be online. The winning entry was Wakacje nad jeziorem. by "CYTRYNAPICTURES".[1]

Wakacyjny Konkurs WMBF 2[]


The second edition of the contest ran in 2012. It was judged by Paweł Kamiński and Maciej Klimczak.[2] The results were announced in a video on the WMBF Youtube channel which currently is not available, presumably having been deleted when the channel was hacked. Prizes of small packs of BrickArms accessories were awarded to the top 3.

  • Theme: Sposób na upał!
  • Letter Mod Element: W
  • Color Mod Element: Red piece connected to a yellow piece

Wakacyjny Konkurs WMBF 3[]


The third edition of the contest ran in 2014. It received 9 entries and was judged by Maciej Klimczak and "CrazyEd"[3] The results were announced on October 5.[4] The prizes were a medium-sized LEGO Star Wars set for first place, a small LEGO City set for second and three figures from Minifigures Series 11 for third.

  • Theme: Wyprawa w nieznane ("Expedition into the unknown")
  • Number Mod Element: 3
  • Color Mod Element: White piece connected to a yellow piece
Place Film Name Director
1. Po Apokalipsie "Reptile"
2. Niespodziewana przygoda "Brickfielder"
3. Strasznie Długa i Niebezpieczna Podróż w Bardzo Nieefektowym Celu "ZombieFlowchart"
4. Lego Pirates Treasure Expediotion "eladmiral"
5. Podróż w nieznane Niedam "mkstudio" Wamnazwiska
6. Wyprawa w nieznane "11norbi11"
7. Zabawa z czasem "UnityAnims"
8. Unknown X "clone501"
9. Unknown X "clone501"

Wakacyjny Konkurs WMBF 4[]


The fourth and final edition of the contest was held in 2015, receiving 12 entries.[5] The judging panel was, again, Maciej Klimczak and "CrazyEd".[6] The prizes, supplied by and, were packs of BrickArms items and 76019 Starblaster Showdown.

  • Theme: Moje Marzenie ("My Dream")
  • Number Mod Element: 4
  • Color Mod Element: White piece connected to a blue piece
Place Film Name Director
1. Maciek Legolandzki i lekcja astronomii "Trylobite"
2. Odmienne ludzkie marzenia "HappyMadHatter"
3. Spokój, cisza i herbata "Reptile"
4. Moje marzenie "TV Lego"
5. Turbo Car "BrickFielder"
6. Film o pewnym marzeniu "Stachu"
7. Billy przygoda Arkadiusz Dydek
8. Unknown X "TomTheHuman"
9. Second Chance "ZombieFlowchart"
10. Portal, czyli opowieść o januszostwie Niedam "mkstudio" Wamnazwiska
11. Pianista Konrad Karol "kkz665" Zarzycki
12. Unknown X "clone501"


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