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w00t! is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Nathan Wells.[1] It is the fifth film in the Alex and Derrick series and follows Derrick indulging in the hottest internet memes 2006 had to offer, much to the annoyance of Alex.[2]

w00t! evolved out of the original idea for the short film Slapstick, which would have had Derrick watching the Numa Numa dance on YouTube before watching Krick's films. Wells began to come up with more ideas surrounding internet phenomena, and these ideas were split off to become w00t! while Slapstick was created featuring only Krick's films.[3]


Derrick sits at the computer watching an amateurish goofy dance video. Alex sees this and says the video is idiotic, but Derrick thinks it's funny. Derrick is reminded that he wants to show Alex something, but a frustrated Alex says that if it is another piece of inconsequential internet phenomena, he will hit Derrick with a baseball bat. After a pause, Derrick begins to dance and sing "It's peanut butter jelly time!" repeatedly, and, true to his word, Alex hits Derrick with a baseball bat.[2]

List of internet phenomena referenced[]


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