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VocalFlix is a brickfilm contest hosted officially by Brick à Brack. It is a contest for brickfilms in which all sound (dialogue, sound effects, and/or music) has entirely been created vocally, and all by the voice of a single person. Two editions of the contest have taken place, in 2019 and 2021.

VocalFlix 2019[]


The VocalFlix 2019 announcement was posted by Mathieu Blangy and Maxime Baconnais on January 16, 2019.[1] Entries were required to have at least 30 seconds of animation, and be available in French or English. The deadline was March 2, 2019, and the contest received 23 entries.[2] The prizes were the LEGO sets 31081 Modular Skate House for first, 31078 Treehouse Treasures for second, 40305 LEGO Brand Store for third, 60137 Tow Truck Trouble for fourth, and 60148 ATV Race Team for fifth.


Place Film Name Director
1. Lueurs "Deltabrick"
2. STRANDED "LiamLegoStudios"
3. mARTHA Chris Major
4. Le Problème "Frosty"
5. Hypnovision "Gut's 24"
6. Je parle Théo Aron
7. Les Publicitaires Sebastien Marlin
8. Metal Gear Thicc Trevor Stevens
9. A Brickfilm for VocalFlix Seza Tiara Selen
10. The Pythor Whip "DarthDroid1"
11. Rapping What I'm Doing "LAF Productions"
12. Improbox #05 - Niedlicher Mops Hans Präßler
13. Chaos Gone Bananas Jared Johnson
14. A Travers les royaume "YAYA BRICKFILM"
15. Le LEGO en pyjama qui regarde la télé. "Ferdinand"
16. Wakanda Battle ! "Future Bricks"
17. Alfred&Giji; - BrackTa (parodie) X "Firex Tv"
18. LEGO Superheroes Team up to save the world and stop T-SERIES -feat. PEWDIEPIE "Ice Fox"
19. So this is the entire BIONICLE storyline in a nutshell "AwesomepantsFilms"
20. Concours lego pour le vocal fix 2019 de brick a brack "MOI30540"
21. Terrible singing! "Bricktown Films"
22. Stormtrooper Bob: Bob's Revenge "ThunderStruck Productions"
23. Mr Minideliciouspant's Interview! "minideliciouspant"

VocalFlix 2021[]


The VocalFlix 2021 announcement was posted by "Slash brick Production" and "Brothers in Arms" on March 22, 2021.[3] The deadline was May 16, 2021, and the contest received 26 entries. The prizes were the LEGO sets 75302 Imperial Shuttle for 1st, 80021 Monkie Kid's Lion Guardian for 2nd, 21169 The First Adventure for 4rd, 71747 The Keepers' Village for 4th, and 31116 Safari Wildlife Tree House for 5th.[4]


Place Film Name Director
1. Out of Sight Kristóf Fekete-Kovács and "Lady Arginnon"
2. Buried in Sand Seza Tiara Selen
3. Le Bout du Monde Théo Aron
4. La Montre "Ogeid animation"
5. Zaadeh! Shahriar Khalvati
6. A VERY BAD DREAM "La Production Givrée"
7. The Space Conundrum "AC FILMS"
8. Tank poursuit Tanguy Paquet
9. Crystal Custodians "Puskov"
10. Back to the 90's Rainer Storck
11. Une bataille lego star wars "Yolo Man"
12. Le Sifflement "Seny"
13. Vous savez ce qui est marrant ? C’est qui moi aussi j’ai eu une idée pour le #VocalFlix2021 ! "Lord Wrayth"
14. Le labyrinthe "Slash brick Production"
15. SIGNAL Margot Manon Antoine
16. Mirage "sgouban"
17. Let's Dance Chloé Dussart, Eugénie Corbeaux, and Caroline Menu
18. What If Bob The Stormtrooper were a Youtuber ? "Brickalorian"
19. Les Programmes Chelou "PIERRO PROD"
20. STAR Zacharia Boudiguet
21. Ou sont tes amis Thaedan? "Yukuzumi"
22. Master droide , les droides du futur "Brick 51"
23. John Smith "Waccabé boss"
24. Lego Obi-wan vs Dark vador "Le 3ème loup"
25. launchpad "chopperdu21"
26. Zeus est plus différent que on ne le pense "picturevirus"


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