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Vigilante Espionage: Part 1 is a 2001 action brickfilm by Russ Jensen.[1] It follows two men on a mission to retrieve a tape, as opposing mini-cyborgs try to stop them.[2] Though it is titled Part 1, the second part was never released.


Two men, Jim and Mac, drive towards a location to retrieve a tape. Mac goes inside and finds the tape, but on the way out he is shot by an enemy. Jim gets out of the car and shoots the assailant before setting up a forcefield around Mac. He puts the tape in his car and drives away until he encounters a group of mini-cyborgs firing at him. He fires back until they are all defeated and continues driving, but one mini-cyborg leaves a building and gets in a car to give chase. Meanwhile, medics arrive to take Mac to hospital.

Jim's car flips over and he runs. The mini-cyborg crashes his car, so he heads to his secondary control base. He activates a robot that pursues and fires at Jim, but Jim manages to deflect a shot with a magnifying glass and destroy the robot. The mini-cyborg is enraged and kills one of his own grunts, and so another one attacks him and cuts his arm off. Feedback builds up and the base explodes, and the mini-cyborg is taken away to the hospital. Jim returns to his car and flips it onto its wheels. He arrives at his apartment building with the tape in hand.[2]


  • Russ Jensen - Producer, Director
  • Ryan O'Grady - LEGO, Assistance


The released clip of Vigilante Espionage 2

Russ Jensen was working on a sequel to Vigilante Espionage and posted progress updates on his website in 2001 and January 2002. He posted images of ten different sets and one sneak preview clip of some animation from the film.[3]

Jensen estimated that the film would be 15 to 20 minutes long, and he had filmed 10 minutes and 53 seconds as of his last update. Despite having animated this much footage, Vigilante Espionage 2 was never finished and released. The last mention of the film was in May 2003, when Jensen said he would resume filming after having upgraded to the QuickCam Pro 4000.[4] When he briefly returned to the forum in December 2006, the film was not mentioned, and he soon left again.