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Back when we adopted this wiki a list of tasks post adoption was created. I've done most of the code related stuff but there's a few design and wiki administrative stuff I think we should sort out sometime soon. I'm aware we're all probably busy with the holiday season (and THAC, BiM doc, work etc) but I think it would be good if we discussed and made a rough time scale to when we want to push out the things below and ultimately go public with this wiki to the BiM community.

Obvious some the tasks will take longer than others but I see this as planning for this wiki's 2015. I hope we can discuss this all via the mibbit chat or in the comments section below.

The Brickfilms Wiki 2015 Tasks

Task People Working On It Planned Start Time Aimed Completion Time Task Progress
Creation of wiki watermark/logo Not started
Creation of wiki fav icon Not started
Creation of images for the category boxes on the main page Boats 30/12/14 31/12/14 Working on
Creation of formatting guidelines Penta, Nathan 30/12/14 Working on
Creation of wiki policies (eg neutral point of view, rules, edit disputes, naming conventions) Not started
Creation of forum thread for wiki on BiM (and therefore go public) Not started

I also want to ask if:

  • Can the main page be improved in any way?
  • Any ideas for a better design scheme? (not just color related, other things too - with css I change practically anything eg the sub-titles on pages, infobox appearances etc)
  • Should we keep the comments on articles or switch back to the old style talk pages?

Happy new year and hopefully we can get through all of these!

- BoatsAreRockable (talk) 13:04, December 30, 2014 (UTC)