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Hi, I'm a brickfilmer too! Check out my page on the Brickfilms Wiki if you want to see more stuff. I've also been involved in earlier endeavours of organizing and archiving information on brickfilms. I was Minister of Truth, organizer of the Resources section of in 2008 up until the schism. Additionally, around that time I made major efforts to archive the complete directory, and even parts of the Bricks in Motion directory. This helped preserve a lot of brickfilms from the 2000-2010 era that would otherwise have been lost.

All the stuff below is mostly a reminder to my future self so I know what I have been (or should be) working on. This is mostly focused on writing what I know: Wiki backend stuff, foreign-language communities (it helps that I can read German and French reasonably well), and whatever shenanigans I'm currently involved in.

Organizing myself

(User:Tehbertl/Sandbox for sandbox stuff burtl)

On the back-end of the site:

  • Create better CSS for the website, including a workable dark mode. Don't want to change the design of the website too much because it's pretty good as-is, but it could really use an update.
    • Take out and avoid in-line styling as much as possible in templates and on pages. Keep form and function (and looks and data) separated!
  • Modernize infoboxes _(this is actually pretty much done!)_
  • Modernize table templates (mostly done)
  • Improve other templates, such as {{Release Date}}, {{Year}}, ...
  • General housekeeping, I suppose. Tie all the above together with a nice ribbon and such.
    • Phasing out and deprecating obsolete templates, such as {{Plainlist}} (I think...)
    • Removing redundant and outdated CSS styling
  • Also write documentation and guidelines on how to use the tools that the templates provide us. This includes rewriting some of the formatting guidelines. Seriously, do people know the power of templates like {{Language}} and {{Created For Logo}}?

On the front-end:

Linky stuff

Pages I need to get my move on with

All the "series" could do with more simple formatting as well:

"Brickfilmer" pages: