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Hey I'm Charlie, I enjoy brickfilming as well as wiki and website design. You'll probably see me focus on the more technical side of things round here such as the wiki's CSS, JavaScript, templates and MediaWiki pages. I'm also one of the admins here so feel free to ask any questions on my message wall.

Most of the work I've done here can be found at Category:Site maintenance.

Useful wiki related pages I wouldn't find again if they weren't put here...[]

My to do list[]

For Infoboxes[]

  • Add auto categorisation and linking
    • Websites
    • Contests
  • Make 'series' row of brickfilm infobox auto-categorise
  • Combine infobox brickfilm and infobox brickfilm old


  • Devise an infobox type thing for userpages
  • Improve appearance on mobile skin
  • Discuss RFR, RFA and RFB policies
  • Add better info about templates to Formatting Guidelines
  • Improve new article notice text
  • Create notice to view formatting guidelines that shows up in the visual editor
  • Improve wiki appearance when using Monobook
  • Is there template for non collapsible contests?
  • Improve community portal page and move over category boxes to new format
  • Fix featured articles padding
  • Create automatic listing of recent uploads by people with pages
    • Should a user's recent youtube uploads be displayed on their page?
  • Fix titles of popular blog posts sidebar module.
  • Work on MediaWiki:Common.js/insertNewArticleTemplate.js

Links to personal wiki pages[]