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Unto the Breach, also known as LEGO Castle - Chapter 6 - Unto the Breach, is a 2013 fantasy brickfilm by Dylan Woodley.[1] It follows the Lion Knights launching an attack on the castle of the Dragon Wizard, in an effort to rescue the imprisoned king.[2] It was produced for The LEGO Group via the Tongal project "LEGO Castle Video Project", and it is the sixth and final chapter in the LEGO Castle video series.[3][4] It is the only chapter created by Woodley, as each chapter was produced by a different person.


The Dragon Wizard looks out from his castle over his army. The opposing Lion Knights approach, and the White Knight orders a charge. In response, the Dragon Knights also charge, and the two factions collide, leading to a huge battle. The White Knight tells the princess that the king is imprisoned in the castle, and the two of them make their way around the battle to reach the castle walls. The princess points out a grate going underground, and the pair hop down.

Underground, they find the king behind bars. He points to a staircase heading up, and the White Knight ascends to reach the throne room. The Dragon Wizard suddenly appears, and begins firing bolts of magic at the White Knight. The knight uses his sword to deflect the magic into the eye of the Dragon Wizard's staff, which explodes. This causes the Dragon Knights outside to seize up and fall over. The Dragon Wizard is captured and banished to a different realm.[2]


  • Jared Hedges - Series arc concept
  • John Corrigan - Chapter 6 concept
  • Dylan Woodley - Animator
  • CJ Woodley - Sound effects[5]


Year Competition Category Result
2014 Tongies Best 2D Animation Won[6]

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