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Unmasked is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Leftfield Studios.[1] It is about a gangster who recounts in court how he stole an ancient Egyptian mask. It was made for the Ten Lines Contest and won first place.[2]


In a courtroom, the judge calls for a gangster to give a testimony. He begins his story at his family reunion. The godfather has Uncle Bob shot. He decides that to fix this problem they must steal King Tut's mask from the museum. When another man questions how this will be of any help, he is shot too. The gangster is picked for the heist on the strength of having had spaghetti three times that week. Before the heist begins, the gangster has to prevent the Poccini family from interfering. In disguise, he delivers a serving of ice cream with a horse's head to Mr. Poccini. However, Mr. Poccini is unfazed by the dish and eats it up enthusiastically.

On the night of the heist, the gangster and his accomplice hide in the museum until it is closed. They knock out a security guard and plant a bomb to blast their way into the exhibit with the mask. The explosion is much larger than expected, leveling the building, but the mask and the thieves are unharmed. They flee with the mask but are immediately pursued by the police. In his defense, the gangster claims the heist probably stopped something worse from happening. The judge then informs him that he had only been in court for a speeding ticket.[3]