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Twilight Trouble is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Matthew Lieberman and Cody Lieberman. It is their first film to star Matt and Cal and is about a terror of mysterious origin appearing in the duo's bathroom.[1] It was an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest on[2]


Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame introduces the story of a house with a peculiar feature: A portal between the third and fifth dimensions, that the residents, Matt and Cal, are unaware of. Serling is telling this story inside the house until he is hit in the head with a lead pipe by Cal. Matt goes to flush Serling's body down the toilet and when he returns, he plays a video game with Cal. Cal wins as per usual, and the two argue until the doorbell rings. Matt loses at rock-paper-scissors and has to answer the door to their friends, Dario and Brian.

The four of them play a video game until Dario goes to bathroom. He does not return for some time, and Cal goes to see what is taking him so long. Neither return after more time passes, leading Brian to go check on them. Matt finally wins a game and starts to taunt Cal, but notices that everyone has left. He heads to the bathroom and finds the other three cornered by an alligator, which Cal says came from the toilet. Matt pummels the alligator with a plunger, after which the group argue over what might have caused its appearance. They go to settle the debate over more video games, and Rod Serling enters the bathroom to close the story, only to be eaten by the alligator.[1]


  • Logan Wright as Rod Serling
  • Cody Lieberman as Cal
  • Matthew Lieberman as Matt
  • Dario Camerino as Dario
  • Ryan Saxe as Brian


  • Matthew Lieberman - Writer, Director, Producer
  • Cody Lieberman - Writer Director, Producer
  • Alex Wright - CGI scene


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