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This brickfilm is currently not known to be available on the internet. If you have it, please let us know.

Tuikea Torsti is a 1998 brickfilm by "CBU - ryhmä".[1] It is an early Finnish brickfilm and it was entered into Assembly 1998, winning third place in the Wild demo competition category.[2] It was seen by Joona Poikonen,[3] who along with Lauri Mäki went on to create LeGorso, a brickfilm which placed first in the Wild demo category at Assembly 2000, was an early brickfilm online and was influential in Finnish brickfilming.

Tuikea Torsti is considered to be a missing brickfilm and is not known to have ever been available on the internet, except for a very small amount of footage in a gif that was captioned "tämä on vain pieni klippi suurenmoisesta videosta.." ("this is just a small clip of a great video..").[4]