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True Love Waits is a 2006 comedy horror brickfilm by Brian "B-Squared" Bridges and Chris Boyer. It is a b movie-inspired film about were-pirates and aliens.[1] It was originally created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2, but it could not be completed in time, and so a rough cut was submitted to the contest. This version placed seventh in the entrants choice vote. The finished version of the film was released in the following month, and is nearly twice the length.[2]


A couple, Patricia and Lenny, leave their house and see damage that has been caused to the city by bad guys. They get in their car and drive, as the sun sets. Meanwhile, in outer space, a flying saucer leaves from a space station.

The couple arrive to a park at night. As the full moon becomes visible, Lenny begins to make pirate noises, before transforming into a pirate. The car transforms into a pirate ship, which then flies away. A blast is heard at a police station, and officers Boris and Johnny take a car to go investigate. They find the were-pirate firing cannon balls at the buildings in the city, and Boris rigs up a catapult and fires the police car at the flying pirate ship to take it down.[1]

The were-pirate emerges from the wreck and initiates a duel with Boris. He bites Boris, which causes him too to transform into were-pirate. The flying saucer emerges from over the rooftops and fires lasers at both of the were-pirates.


  • Brian Bridges as Patricia, Cop #1 (Boris)
  • Chris Boyer as Lenny, Were-Pirate, Cop #2 (Johnny)
  • Emily Dufault as Screaming girl


  • Brian Bridges - Animator, Music
  • Chris Boyer - Animation, Special effects
  • Greg Boyer - Space station model