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Trouble in Sherwood is a 2003 action brickfilm by Glenn Chan and William Huang ("chanhuangfilms"). It takes inspiration from Chinese action films, and follows Robin Hood battling to rescue his brother.[1] The backgrounds in the film are pages from a Canadian Geographic magazine. The film was created as a high school final project, and it is the directors' only brickfilm.[2]


A royal who is a recurring target of Robin Hood has Robin Hood's brother brought to him, and decides to hold him hostage in order to draw Robin Hood out. In the woods, Robin Hood's sidekick warns that they are walking into a death trap, but Robin Hood does not care as it would be dishonorable to disregard family.

Robin Hood finds knights in the woods, and a battle begins. The sidekick is slain, but Robin Hood manages to defeat the henchmen. The royal approaches from nearby, while the captive brother watches. The royal is defeated in battle by Robin Hood, who then frees his brother. In his final moments, the royal takes a shot at Robin Hood. The brother falls down dead.[1]


  • Glenn Chan - Director, Voice
  • William Huang - Director, Voice
  • Brian Law - Voice
  • Jim Mcgarva - Voice
  • Mrs. Huang and Mrs. Chan - Special thanks
  • Dick Combeer - Advisor