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Triumph of the Empire is a 2006 science fiction brickfilm by Brendan Henry. It is a faux propaganda video for the Empire from Star Wars, modeled in the style of propaganda films from Nazi Germany and World War II, such as Triumph of the Will.[1]


Throughout the video, Grand Moff Tarkin monologues. Tarkin celebrates the founding of the new Galactic Empire and the fall of the Jedi. With the Trade Federation conquered, the Empire grows stronger, rising triumphant. The Empire's ships destroy and conquer enemies as Tarkin declares victory. The video ends with "Support Your Empire!"


Triumph of the Empire was shot with only five minifigs, and one ship. Principal photography was completed over two weeks, with two more weeks for re-shoots and final adjustments.[2] The music is "Mars - The Bringer of War", from Gustav Holst's The Planets suite.[1]


Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Film Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Visual Elements Won
Best Score Nominated
Best Voice Acting Performance Nominated