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Transaction is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Leonardo Escobar[1] about a builder who has purchased a pirate hat in an alternate dimension.[2] It was an entry to the Ten Lines Contest on and came in second place.[3] It is Escobar's first and only brickfilm,[4] and it was filmed with a surveillance camera connected to a computer.[5]


Two builders take a break and one tells the other about the pirate hat he is wearing that he got after buying a portal to another dimension on eBay. The boss arrives and orders them to get back to work. The builder with the pirate hat tries to attach a beam to a structure but it won't fit, and he argues with the boss over how to get it to fit while pushing and pulling it. A pillar of the structure falls over and crushes the bosses car, to the amusement of the builders.

The police arrive to ask about the mishap, when three pirates teleport into the building site. One of them takes the pirate hat from the builder, and tells the police that it belongs to him. The builder tries to argue that it is his and that he bought it in an alternate dimension, but the police do not believe this story and take him away in their van.[2]


  • Dean McAskil as Adam
  • Jarrom Frazier as Bob
  • David Dobson as Boss
  • Brent Mynard as Pirate
  • Leonardo Escobar as Cop 1