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Train to Catch is a 2008 slapstick action brickfilm by David Boddy.[1] It follows a chase after a thief steals a briefcase at a train station.[2] It is David Boddy's first brickfilm and was an entry to the Nicktoons and LEGO Built By Me Movie Contest. It was later re-edited to be submitted to the Gizmodo and LEGO Go Miniman Go! Video Contest, in which it won first place.[3]


A train pulls into a station and passengers get off, as a man arrives to the station on a motorbike. A thief steps out from behind a pillar and steals a briefcase from an old man before running off. The biker chases him to a construction site, where they climb the building before jumping across to the top of a crane. The thief runs to the end of the crane's arm but slips and the briefcase hits his head, sending him falling to his demise.

The biker retrieves the briefcase and returns to the train station, but before he can give it back to the old man, he is tied up by Spider-Man, who takes the briefcase and receives credit for the recovery. The biker gets on his bike and begins to drive away, but is hit by a train.[2]

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