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Tom Johnson is a British brickfilmer.[1] He is primarily known for creating brickfilms based on Star Wars, most notably the film Dead Space.[2] He was also one of the original hosts of the Frame100 Podcast.


Year Title Notes
2012 Mustafar duel
2013 Batman: The Man Who Laughs
2014 Squad 335: Movie Night
2015 LEGO Star Wars Funnies: Tauntauns
2015 LEGO Star Wars Funnies: Fishing Trip
2015 LEGO Star Wars Funnies: New Imperial Shuttle
2015 LEGO Alien
2015 LEGO Star Wars Funnies: Vaders New Legs
2015 James Bond: Thunderbrick
2016 Batman Tomorrow
2016 LEGO Star Wars Funnies: The Moon
2017 One Micro Step Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2017 eighth place entry
2018 Duel of the Eighths 8x8x8 Eighth Edition entry
2018 Dead Space
2018 Batman: The Court of Owls