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Tom Hobbs and Joe Hobbs are twin British brickfilmers.[1] They are best known for creating brickfilms featuring zombie outbreaks.[2]


Year Title Notes
2008 Playdough monsters attack LEGO city
2008 LEGO cruise ship sinks
2008 LEGO city jail break
2008 LEGO airplane disaster
2008 LEGO explosive diarrhea
2008 LEGO explosive diarrhea 2
2008 T-rex attacks LEGO city
2008 LEGO Assassin
2008 LEGO car accident
2009 LEGO city under attack
2009 LEGO City Fight
2009 LEGO City War
2009 LEGO City Zombie Infection
2010 LEGO City Doomsday
2010 LEGO City SWAT
2010 Don't mess with the moose
2011 LEGO City Zombie Defense
2011 LEGO City Alien Invasion
2012 LEGO fight
2012 LEGO City Convoy Attack
2012 LEGO Zombie Attack
2012 Car crash in LEGO!
2012 LEGO zombie attacks!
2013 LEGO zombie outbreak, Specimen 13
2013 LEGO Zombie!