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Tom Gudde is a Dutch videographer and musician.[1] He composed music for a number of brickfilms, and was nominated for a Bricks in Motion Award for his work on STEAMPUNK. He also created a handful of brickfilms,[2] most notably the contest entries and co-productions Amnesia and James Bond - Weapons of Destruction 30-sec Trailer.


As director[]

Year Title Notes
2007 LEGO War Rock
2008 Montage Clip: The Truman Show X
2008 Teaser: Criminal Brothers X
2008 Don't try this @ home X
2008 Night of Horror Brickfilming Halloween Competition 2 entry
2009 The New Brick Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 entry
2009 James Bond - Weapons of Destruction 30-sec Trailer Co-production with Sean Willets
The Quick Short Advertising Contest first place winner
2010 Skeleton Rodeo Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 entry
2010 Amnesia Co-production with Stijn Heirstrate
Avant-Garde Contest entry
2011 AtoZ

As composer[]

Year Title Notes
2009 The New Brick
2009 Build and Watch Directed by Dan "lego2motion" Vogelaar
2009 Jake And The Lazy Guy theme Series created by Stijn Heirstrate
2009 Knight's Treasure Directed by Harry Bossert
2009 Time Directed by Stijn Heirstrate
2009 Time Police Directed by Knut "the frozen brick" Ørke
2009 Not Forgotten Directed by Daragh Twomey
2009 Take My Breath Away Directed by Tanner Musyj
2009 The Need to Feed Directed by Vik Verplanken
2010 The Need to Feed 2 X Directed by Vik Verplanken
2012 The Machine Directed by Stephen Burchell
2013 Creation Directed by "Keesret"
2013 Sketch Directed by Nathan Mellace
2014 STEAMPUNK Directed by Shelby Pritchard

Tom Gudde also composed music for unfinished brickfilms by John Lucewich.