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Tom Helberg,[1][2] better known to the brickfilming community as Tom Dean, is an American[3] brickfilmer known for directing the first successful community project[4] Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency, and for Anne Frank in Bricks, which won the Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge hosted by Richard Frost.[5]


Year Title Notes
2003 Pizzeria Versus McDonald's
2003 Bob and Joe Meet the Penguins
2003 The Bill
2003 The Windmill
2003 Toll Bridge
2003 The Playground Bully Words of Wisdom Contest entry
2004 PTV: Mad Cow Report Co-production with Logan Wright[6]
2004 Royalty Turned Amphibian
2004 Anne Frank in Bricks Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge winning entry
2005 Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency Community project coordinated by Doug James and Joshua Leasure and directed by Tom Dean


Archive of the Films page from Tom Dean's Website