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To Strive for Fame is a 2006 slice of life comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It follows the story of a boy who wants to do something famous.[1] It was an entry into the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest on and won third place.[2]


A boy,desiring fame and glory, reads over a book of world records. He designs a flying machine, but the machine fails and the boy crashes into the ocean.

The boy designs a rocket, but it also fails. Other projects are designed, and then fail. With each failure, the boy grows discouraged, until he stops entirely.

The boy mopes in a public garden. As he gets up to leave, he trips on a skateboard, sending the skateboard in the direction of a robber. The robber is tripped up and caught by police, all thanks to the boy. With his face in the paper, the boy is content, having finally achieved the fame he desired.[1]



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