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To Fly is Everything! is a 2002 comedic historical brickfilm by Jason Herder.[1] It is loosely based on the lives of the Wright brothers as they build the first airplane.[2] It was an entry to the Historical Fiction Contest on, in which it was nominated for the Best Story prize.


On the morning of September 27th, 1900, Wilbur Wright's sleep is interrupted by a peculiar dream. He goes to wake his brother, Orville, telling him they must get started right away. He explains over breakfast that he dreamed they made a "bird machine", and achieved flight. Orville realizes if they created this machine, they would be able to fly anywhere, including over the nudist colony downtown.

The Wright brothers begin construction of their invention, but Orville accidentally builds a number of totally different vehicles, as he has no idea what a bird machine would look like. He eventually creates the correct machine, and they decide to rename it an airplane, as bird machine sounds kinda stupid.[2]

Wilbur and Orville triumphantly fly their marvelous invention over the nudist colony.


  • Jason Herder - Director
  • James Barseness, Emily Helgeson, Dan Hoheisel, Mike Vogel - Film consultants