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Tjad & Jasupehmo - Avaruuslimonadi is a 1997 music video brickfilm directed by the musicians themselves, Antti "Tjad" Haaranen and Jaakko "Jasupehmo" Huuki.[1][2] It follows two spacemen who lose a crate of space lemonade that they are transporting.

It is one of the earliest Finnish brickfilms and it has been shown on Finnish television as a result of being a winner in the 1997 Oulun Musiikkivideofestivaalit (Oulu Music Video Festival).[3][4] It was also shown at the 2006 Cologne Short Film Festival.[5]


Two spacemen are on their way to deliver a shipment of space lemonade. Their spacecraft is hit by a flying saucer, and the crate of lemonade is knocked off and falls down to the planet below. The spacemen land to go look for it, and a group of aliens in a vehicle approach. The spacemen ask if the aliens have seen what they are looking for, and the aliens invite them onto their vehicle. They are driven to where the crate landed and load it onto the alien vehicle. They are then driven back to their spacecraft, and fly away with the space lemonade in tow.[3]


  • Antti Haaranen - Music, Script, Director, Animator
  • Jaakko Huuki -Music, Script, Director, Animator
  • Sami Siloaho - Assistant[5]


Year Competition Category Result
1997 Oulun Musiikkivideofestivaalit[6] Kansanpumpeli (People's prize)[7] Won
Kultapumpeli (Jury prize)[8] Honourable mention