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Timothy Ratner is a American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for The Los Angeles River Murder, which was one of the winners of the 2011 Tales of Yore Contest on Bricks in Motion, and he is also known for Athena's Birth IN BRICKS.[2]


Year Title Notes
2007 Indy
2007 Hi-Tech Hunger
2007? The Crate
2008 Drunk Driving PSA
2008 Marillion - Whatever is Wrong With You Marillion's Whatever is Wrong With You Video Contest entry
2008 FreeCreditReport 'Cover Song Video' Contest Entry X [3]
2008 Miniman and Minimen - Fun for anyone! X [4]
2009 WHITE-EXPANSE WORLD - "A new, peaceful world?" Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 entry
2009 WHITE-EXPANSE WORLD - "Minifigz and Their Taste of Music" 2D BAC entry
2009 WHITE-EXPANSE WORLD - "The Rock Monster that Shouted Blah"
2009 Loop.
2009 Dresser-Bot The Quick Short Advertising Contest entry
2009 I Gotta Pee
2009 the Top Hat Makes the Man
2009 What I Learned In School This Year X
2009 Failed Suicide
2009 Desk Time Travel Space, Time and Reality Contest entry
Updated version released in 2011
2009 one unlucky soldier
2010 Love betrayal sometimes results in a murdering psychopath.
2010 A Cow Doing Cow Things
2010 A Robot Knows the Truth X
2010 A Robot Knows the Truth 2 X
2010 Studless Freedom Avant-Garde Contest entry
2010 The Stronger Man
2010 Athena's Birth IN BRICKS
2011 Straight Edge X
2011 The Search For Easter X EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2011 entry
2011 The Los Angeles River Murder Tales of Yore Contest second place winner
2011 HALO: One Elite X Mega Bloks Halo Toymation Video Contest entry
2011 A Revolution IN BRICKS