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Time for $ale is a 2014 brickfilm by Alexander Leitner, Andreas Bitzan, Michael Bitzan, and Thomas Leitner.[1] It follows a businessman who finds a salesman offering "Time" in little boxes and, while skeptical, decides to buy one to see what it does.[2] It was created for entry to Steinerei 2014, where it won two of the three prize categories.[3]



  • Jan Münter as Protagonist
  • Klaus Schankin as Time salesman Johnny
  • Michael Heuel as Boss
  • Dagmar Bittner as Girlfriend
  • Dominik Girod as Zalondo[4]


Year Competition Category Result
2014 Steinerei Jury Prize Won
Audience Prize Won
Brickfilmer Prize Second place
Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Voice Acting Nominated
Best Non-English Brickfilm Nominated

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