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Time is a 2009 crime brickfilm by Stijn Heirstrate.[1] It follows the events of Deal, and is the final film in the story of mob boss Bill Kilalot. With Don Touch attempting to have Bill killed, Bill decides that Touch must finally be dealt with.[2] The film was created for the Space, Time and Reality Contest on Bricks in Motion, and placed tenth.


An assassin waits on a rooftop, looking down for Bill Kilalot. Bill is one step ahead of him, arriving on the roof and shooting him. Bill asks the assassin who he was sent by, and is told Don Touch. Bill heads to a hotel room and phones a man to organise to kill Don Touch, who is set to stand trial soon.

Don Touch is transported in a police van. When the van stops at a light, a man emerges from a manhole and breaks through the floor of the van. He tells Don Touch to come follow him underground. When Touch climbs down, Bill Kilalot emerges and raises a gun. Touch questions why with their families being rivals for decades, they have only started trying to kill each other now. Bill explains that the circumstances have changed over time, and shoots Touch.[2]

A few hours later, Bill arrives to pay the man who was helping him. Bill claims to have only gotten part of the agreed sum in short time. The man demands the rest of the money, refusing to believe Bill doesn't have it. He pulls out a gun, but Bill maintains that he doesn't have the rest of the money. The man shoots Bill, and takes the rest of the money from his body.




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