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tim VS fRED is a 2010 comedy action brickfilm by Sean Willets. It is the twelfth film in the tim & fRED series. It is about Tim and Fred having a battle in power armor, to settle an old score.[1] It was originally intended for entry to the Cannes 2010 LEGO Video Contest, but was not finished in time.[2] It was on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards.


In the present, Tim lands in a rocky wasteland, wearing a suit of power armor. As arranged, Fred arrives, and wearing a more elaborate armored suit. Tim and Fred argue over which one of them is the bad guy, and a fight soon begins. They utilize thrusters and guns built into the suits. Fred eventually seems to have Tim beaten, and rips what he thinks is a power source off Tim's suit. It is actually just a decorative light, and Tim flies away, with Fred pursuing. A mid-air brawl ensues, and Tim is smashed to the ground. Fred says he will "finally prove it" to him.

In the past, young Tim and Fred play with action figures, and Fred argues that he has irrefutably killed Tim in their game. Tim says that when he grows up, he will build an armored suit and have a showdown with Fred to prove him wrong, but Fred replies that he will defeat him using a better suit.

In the present, Tim realizes that Fred was right.[1]




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