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tim & fRED Halloween Special 2 is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Sean Willets.[1] It is the 13th film in the tim & fRED series and follows Tim and Fred on the run from a vampire in the night.[2] It was created for the Festival of Souls contest, and won the prize category Comedy Horror, as well as placing third in the overall results.


Tim tries to watch Batman, but the broadcast is interrupted by an emergency news broadcast about recent unexplained deaths. The victims have bite marks on their necks and have been drained of their blood, and so the anchorman warns to be on the lookout for the Frankenstein monster. The power goes out, so Tim has to go outside to the fuse box, as he wishes to continue watching Batman.

At the fuse box, Tim hears rustling in the bushes. He fears it is Frankenstein, but it is just Fred. However, next to Fred is a thirsty vampire. Tim and Fred run, and the vampire transforms into a bat to pursue them. Tim kicks the bat down, which buys him enough time to climb onto a fire escape. Fred tries to climb up too, but the ladder breaks off. The vampire gets up and captures Fred and Tim.

Tim and Fred wake up, now being vampires. Tim is confused by how they often die but return shortly, and Fred reveals that he previously made 50,000 clones of himself and Tim. When the sun comes up, vampire Tim and Fred combust.[2]




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