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tim & fRED Halloween Special is a 2009 comedy-horror brickfilm by Sean Willets.[1] It is the fourth film in the tim & fRED series and is about Tim encountering a monster in the night.[2] It was an entry into the AniExer-size Animation Contest II - Halloween Edition and won first place.[3]


In the middle of the night, Tim watches a news report. The anchorman describes a discovery of a human-like skeleton with one leg longer than the other, believed to be a monster. He receives word on what the creature could possibly be, but the power cuts out before it is revealed. Tim heads outside to check the fusebox.

Outside, Tim hears a rustling in the bushes and assumes it is Fred trying to scare him, but turns to find a werewolf standing before him. Tim runs away and is chased up a fire escape and onto a roof. Cornered, he walks off the edge of the roof and the werewolf jumps over, only to land in a dumpster. Tim, hanging above, drops and closes the dumpster lid. He walks away but the werewolf jumps out of the dumpster and runs at him, when a fugitive appears and shoots the werewolf.

As Tim walks home, he is scared by Fred popping out of alley, and is relieved that it's not another monster. Another Fred arrives behind Tim and shocks him. Tim looks around and is horrified to find himself surrounded by an army of Fred clones.[2]


Award nominations[]

tim & fRED Halloween Special was nominated for one award in the 2009 BiMAs.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Nominated


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