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tim & fRED Christmas Special 3 is a 2012 dark comedy brickfilm by Sean Willets. It is the twentieth film in the tim & fRED series and follows Tim and Fred attempting to acquire a Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve.[1] The plot of the film briefly crosses over with The LEGO Batman & Santa Team-Up! by Forrest Whaley, which Willets was also working on at the same time.[2]


It is the day of Christmas Eve and, in an attempt to come down the chimney, Fred manages to crash through Tim's roof. Tim wants to go get a Christmas tree without Fred's "help", but Fred insists on joining him.

Tim and Fred walk through the city and conveniently spot a place advertising the selling of Christmas trees on Christmas Eve. Behind them, a sleigh rigged with a bomb is sent towards two of Mr. Freeze's goons, and when the sleigh explodes, Fred and Tim are showered with reindeer guts. When looking at trees, Fred calls Tim over to suggest a tree he has decorated with the reindeer guts. Fred spots and man with a ginger bowl cut and throws a knife at his head, thinking it is Fred's evil clone. It appears to just be a random guy, so Fred rips his face off, discovering that he was in fact just a random guy. The police arrive on the scene.[1]

Fred and Tim manage to evade arrest and steal a cop car, leading to a chase. Fred's terrible driving causes them to crash into an orphanage. Back at Tim's house, Tim and Fred regret their terrible actions, but are happy to at least have a Christmas tree, even if it is decorated with reindeer guts. Santa attempts to arrive but crashes through the unstable roof.




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