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tim & fRED Christmas Special 2 is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Sean Willets.[1] It is the fifteenth film in the tim & fRED series. It is about Fred arriving to give a Christmas gift to Tim, but he is hiding his true intentions.[2]


The news reports on Santa Claus coming back from the dead, after he was shot by Fred the previous Christmas, and zombie Santa is visiting each and every home. Tim thinks about boarding up his chimney when the doorbell rings. Fred enters and offers Tim a Christmas present. The real Fred jumps through the window and tells Tim he is talking to an evil clone. The two Freds brawl until the evil clone has the real Fred at gunpoint. The television showing It's a Wonderful Life distracts the clone, and he proclaims that he has found the true spirit of Christmas and apologizes to Fred and Tim. Tim is pleased, but Fred shoots the clone anyway.

When Fred learns of the gift from the clone, he shoots it multiple times. Tim checks to see what was inside, and finds that it was a new head for him. He finds a bomb inside, but notices that Fred managed to shoot the exact wires to disarm it. Tim remembers that there was something he was trying not to forget, when zombie Santa suddenly appears.[2]




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