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tim & fRED Christmas Special is a 2009 comedy brickfilm by Sean Willets. It is the ninth film in the tim & fRED series and follows Tim and Fred on the run from a vampire in the night.[1] In this appearance, Tim is voiced by Chris Willets, rather than his usual voice actor, Daragh Twomey. It is the first of three tim & fRED Christmas specials.


The news reports on an imitation Santa Claus arriving down the chimneys of houses and ruining Christmas for families. Most of the reports are coming from Boston Street, which Tim recognizes as nearby. Noises come from Tim's fireplace and Tim watches cautiously. A hat and beard-wearing Fred falls down the chimney, revealing he has been trying random chimneys in an attempt to find and surprise Tim. They talk about why they are not with their families, and Tim explains that his family reject his continued belief in Santa Claus.

More noises are heard and Tim and Fred think it is the real Santa, but a homeless person falls down the chimney. Finally, the actual Santa arrives through the chimney, and Tim is amazed to learn he is real. Fred takes out a gun and shoots imitation Santas, but Tim is angered that he has killed the real Santa.[1]


  • Chris Willets as Tim, The Joker
  • Sean Willets as Fred, Santa Claus, Hobo, Batman
  • Keshen Matus as Anchorman, Fred's father, Fred's mother, Tim's father, Tim's mother



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