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Released April 8, 2009
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Language English

Through the Hatch is a 2009 action brickfilm by David Clark.[1] It follows a lengthy chase between criminals and police, taking place around the attic of a house.[2] It is known in particular for its use of a real-life setting, in conjunction with practical effects.[3][4] It is Clark's first full brickfilm, and it was in production for a number of years, with a video of an explosion created for the film being shared in 2007. It was followed by multiple parts of an unfinished sequel, Down the Hatch, in 2012.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Rye Amin
  • David Baker
  • Matthew Lillywhite
  • Ryan Masters
  • Alex Floyd
  • Eden Masters

Crew Edit

  • David Clark - Director
  • Kareem Berjaoui - Assistance
  • Jon Clark - Assistance

References Edit

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