• A wikia contributor editing the page with more information. I've not verified this information, but his second edit removed a Brickfilms Archive link as he "advocated" for the artist's rights...

    Not to start an ethical dilema here, but this should be looked into as that could be considered removing vital information from a page. I've reverted it for now.

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    • Thats the most BS argument I've ever heard in my life. Sounds like borderline vandalism to me. Glad you switched it back, Rio.

      Unless this info was from the original creator, it sounds pretty fishy to me. Especially the link removal.

      A link to that film should always be kept online. Plus, some of the "added information" seems to be innacurate to me. I don't think the film was ever uploaded without sound effects & music - although different cuts were certainly made over the years.

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      • Sorry, I wasn't logged in. The post above was mine. Apologies for any confusion.
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    • A FANDOM user
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